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I thought it about time I started using the Facebook page I’d setup for The Beagle Voyage some time ago. I I created a Facebook Application which uses oAuth to post the same content as the Tweets at  @cdarwin to Facebook as status updates. Why not go there and Like the page. In time I daresay I’ll be able to post more content than I do on Twitter.

The @cdarwin Twitter account has been trundling along for over a year and I’ve finally added geolocation information to some of the tweets. Thanks to @Murat_Gulsacan for the prompt.

Now, when it’s possible to accurately identify where Charles was, I’ll be adding latitude and longitude information so that you can follow his progress on a map.

If you click on the ‘from here’ with the little icon, you’ll see a map showing you where Darwin was at the time of the Tweet.

Happy following.