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Factory Method Pattern // Creational Patterns // Design Patterns

[Note:  the Factory Method pattern and the Abstract Factory pattern are often confused. This post is about the first and simpler, the Factory Method pattern] What’s the point Usually, a constructor for a class type Foo will return an object of type Foo. With the Factory Method pattern, object construction is handled by another (virtual) method, the factory method, and may […]

Darwin: once more with feeling

After the voyage ended this year  -  or 1836, Beagle Time –  I asked several people what I should do with the Twitter account. The response was unanimous: go round again.  I’d initially started tweeting just over a year into the voyage so there is a year not covered, and this time all the rest […]

People like sushi

Goddbye Sony. Hello Kindle.

I while back I bought a Sony PRS-505 eBook reader. I’d contemplated the slowly growing eBook market for a while, I’d heard good things from the US about the Kindle, and I thought it about time I dipped a toe in the water. After reviewing the eBook landscape I plumped for the Sony. The Kindle […]

Consultants, training and Mehrabian

I recently attended a day-long Project Management course. Building a lego tower made an enjoyable change to my daily routine but  our trainer made one or two claims about psychology and personality theory that I doubted. Living with a Psychologist sometimes isn’t easy. For example, I was surprised at the uncritical claims made by our […]