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Category Archives: Arts and Culture

Learning Mandarin

We’re spending 3 weeks this summer on holiday in China. As soon as Helen suggested it we both immediately agreed it would be China this year. Plans are firming up – we’ll fly into Beijing, then move on down to Xi’ian, then a round trip ending up in Shanghai that’ll see us taking bus trips, […]

Waltraud Meier, Tristan und Isolde


Accidental Nancarrow

Just accidentally played two piano recordings together. Exactly like Conlon Nancarrow.

Anna plays Mozart


The film Compliance tells the hardly-believable but essentially true story of a sociopathic phone-pranker who, pretending to be a police officer, persuades a fast-food restaurant manageress to detain and strip-search a young female employee, then leave her to be sexually abused, under the direction of phoned orders, by the manageress’s middle-aged fiancé. It caused a […]

After Darwin

I started automating  tweeting real-time excerpts from Charles Darwin’s Beagle Diary several years ago, beginning just in time to coincide with the bicentenary in 2009. I jumped into the Beagle voyage already underway in 1833, so I missed about a year of travel. In Beagle time it’s now 1836 and Charles, Fitzroy and The Beagle are heading […]

Anna and Helen play Schubert

Blood Test

More of Darwin

I thought it about time I started using the Facebook page I’d setup for The Beagle Voyage some time ago. I I created a Facebook Application which uses oAuth to post the same content as the Tweets at  @cdarwin to Facebook as status updates. Why not go there and Like the page. In time I […]

Goddbye Sony. Hello Kindle.

I while back I bought a Sony PRS-505 eBook reader. I’d contemplated the slowly growing eBook market for a while, I’d heard good things from the US about the Kindle, and I thought it about time I dipped a toe in the water. After reviewing the eBook landscape I plumped for the Sony. The Kindle […]